Mens sana in corpore sano

Fitness ...?! Well let’s start with the basics here.  Ourselves!  

I want to put an idea in your head that may be a game changer for you as it was for me.  I’m sure you’ve heard the statement “do it for you.” I know I have and let me tell you that I disagree.  

I personally started by accepting myself, my mistakes, my flaws, and the great parts of me. Then I identified who in my life was my support system and who I could help by being an example and inspire through changing my life. I didn’t do it to fit anybody’s idea of what I should look like, but also I didn’t just do it for me. I did it at a time in my life when a great group of people traveling with me for work looked up to me, so I needed to make an impact in my own life because that was the only way I could make an impact on theirs. Don’t get me wrong, yes I did it for me but also I did for my entire team. I wanted to show them that discipline and the will to help others through your actions will take you to places of growth. So, like I said, I disagree with the way many interpret “do it for you.” I think the message behind this is “do it for you and not to please anybody’s idea of what you should look, feel or act” instead of “ do it for you and not for anybody else” which is what I disagree with. If you do it for you and not anybody else then what about the many stories of dads or moms that were overweight and wanted to be a good example for their kids on how to be healthy? Their kids were their motivation and those are great success stories. Using that analogy, we can’t get anywhere in life alone, so if you want to be fit and only do it only for you, find some friends to celebrate with!

If you want to be a fit individual, it doesn’t matter if you work all day or travel for work like me. Here are some basics that helped me:

  1. Let’s take the “do it for you and anybody else” and change it to “I’m doing this not to fit someone’s idea of how I should look like but to be someone I and others can look up to”
  2. Keep your feet on the ground.  Meaning be realistic, change won’t happen overnight.  If you expect to start working out and look great in a week, then you are doing it for yourself and with the only intent to maybe not feel depressed about your bad choices.  This won’t become a habit and won’t last. 
  3. Like I said before, I believe we can’t get anywhere alone so if you have the opportunity find an accountability partner. It doesn’t have to be someone that works out with you all of the time. It can be someone who is a good influencer in your life and supports you through good and bad
  4. Get rid of all excuses. If you travel like me there are great websites with workouts where you only need your body weight and a can be done in the hotel gym or your hotel room. If you do not travel, there shouldn’t be any excuses!
  5. Commit to something you will do. Walk your talk.  If you do not hold yourself to what you say you are going to do, then do not expect to see changes or be able to help others. 
  6. Last but not least, stop telling yourself next Monday. Start now after you read this, go walk for 30 minutes, read about fitness, do something that gets your heart rate up! Check “On Travel” for some tips to accomplish healthy living and fitness. 

Feel free to share, comment, or reach out by email if you are already there and want to go further.